Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Missing Superjet in Indonesia


Emergency services in Indonesia have confirmed that a Russian built Sukhoi aircraft carrying at least 44 people is missing. The Aircraft in question, a 100 seat regional jet was on a publicity tour in Indonesia, and on its second demonstration flight of today, a flight that was only supposed to last 30 minutess, the plane disappeared from radar.

The aircraft took off from Jakarta's Perdanakusuma airport at around 14:00 local time. In a statement, the Indonesian search and rescue agency spokesman said; "At 14:50 it dropped from 10,000ft to 6,000ft,"

At this point in time, the aircraft will have run out of fuel. Search and rescue have yet to discover any wreckage so there is still some hope it may have landed safely.

Stay tuned to this blog for updated news....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monarch Launches 12 New Winter Flights

Monarch Airlines has announced plans to launch 12 new flights for the Winter 2012 season, as well as new flights from Leeds Bradford Airport. Most of the new routes will be to popular Winter ski destinations like Munich, Grenoble and Friedrichshafen, as well as a new route to Madeira and an increase in frequency to Sharm el Sheikh.

The new routes launched are;

London Gatwick to Friedrichshafen and Madeira 
London Luton to Munich
Manchester to Friedrichshafen, Grenoble and Munich
Birmingham to Madeira, Grenoble, Munich and Sharm el Sheikh
Leeds Bradford to Grenoble and Munich

Air India Looks to Raise Capital

Air India, the Indian flag carrier has asked banks for up to $800million in order to further expand it's international network. This figure is expected to include $300million in overseas and most of the money will be used to purchase the Boeing 787 Dreamliners that the airline has on order. 

Air India has also been in the news after reportedly dismissing 100 pilots after they refused to turn up for work because of a dispute. This caused the airline to cancel 4 international flights.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Transaero + Row 44 = New Frontier

Transaero Airlines, one of the largest Russian Airlines has announced a partnership with California based Row 44 that will offer its passengers global broadband Internet access on board. The service which will be rolled out across the narrow body fleet and on the long haul 767 aircraft will allow passengers true broadband Internet access, live television and video on demand, all accessible from the passengers own wifi equipped device.

Row 44 already provides wifi to Southwest Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle, but the partnership with Transaero is the first with a major international long haul airline.

GOL to Cut Flights and Reduce Fleet

GOL Airlines, Brazil's second largest carrier has today announced plans to cut up to 100 daily flights and reduce it's fleet by up to 12 aircraft by the end of 2012. The airline, which announced a Q1 2012 loss of 41 million reais hopes that these measures will result in a higher load factor and higher prices, which in turn will increase the airlines profit margin.

Full information on the airline's Q1 earnings can be found at

Spirit Airlines Reverse Refund Decision

Spirit Airlines, based in Miami Florida, has today announced a reversal of its decision not to offer a refund to a terminally ill passenger. Jerry Meekins, who recently purchased a ticket to New Jersey to visit his daughter requested a refund after being unable to use the ticket due to discovering he was terminally ill.When Mr Meekins, a veteran, requested a refund, the airline refused. A spokesman for the airline issued a statement; "Our reservations are non-refundable, which means we don't do refunds and we are not going to issue Mr Meekins a refund." 

The CEO of Spirit Airlines today issued another statement; "In my statements regarding Mr Meekins' request for a refund, I failed to explain why our policy on refunds makes Spirit Airlines the only affordable choice for so many travelers, and I did not demonstrate the respect or the compassion that I should have, given his medical condition and his service to our country."

The airline is also donating $5000 to Wounded Warriors, a Charity that was chosen by Mr Meekens.

Transavia New Sky Interior

Kép - Budapest Ferihegy Airport (BUD/LHBP), the low cost subsidiary of Air France - KLM recently took delivery of a brand new 737-800 with the Boeing Sky Interior and a new cabin design. According to the airline's website, the new aircraft have a 3% fuel-burn advantage over their current fleet due to aerodynamic improvements, carbon brakes and engine PIPs. The new interior, which features green seat covers of a hybrid leather/synthetic material will replace the cloth seat covers on the rest of the fleet.

I recently experienced the new interior during a weekend trip to Spain and found it modern, bright and comfortable. A pleasant surprise as I was not aware that Transavia had received any new aircraft.

More information can be found at